Giving Back

  • Butterfly Aviation LLC grew out of the vision of Dr. Steven Ungerleider, a sports medicine doc, author and film maker who has spent over 40 years with the Olympic Committee. Still involved in his career, Ungerleider built Butterfly into a prominent helicopter company surrounding himself with experts in aviation safety, strong careers in military flying, and those who care about quality performance with clients.

  • We are very blessed to live in this amazing culture of wine, food, gorgeous topography and wonderful and generous people. At a time when folks are struggling everywhere; we have our own unique set of problems in Sonoma with fires, floods, housing, and assisting people with health care. Why is this important to a helicopter company that wants to brand their ID, sell flights to affluent travelers and people who come to spend resources in the wine country?

  • Part of our mission statement is to give back. A portion of our proceeds for each ride go back to the community; we support more than 11 charities including: The Police Rescue Operation, Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County, Corazon, and more. We believe this is part of being a responsible member of this community.

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