What kind of helicopter do we travel in?

We now fly 2 Bell 407 GX Corporate Configuration Helicopters with 7 Seats. We also have on order a Bell 429 Helicopter which is a dual engine IFR heli. We also have access to additional aircraft including Robinsons, a Jet Ranger, and an MD500.

Are there arrangements for single travelers?

We absolutely welcome single travelers, and provide experiences for both single travelers and those traveling with companions.

How do you look after my safety?

Your personal safety is of the utmost importance. We have special safety consultants on our team who review all safety protocols. 

Are there any night tours?

Yes, we do night tours, especially when the full moon is out. It's quite spectacular! We also pick up and deliver to all main airports -- OAK, SFO and San Jose -- at any hour of the day or night.

Can I choose my seats?

Yes. You can sit anywhere, even next to the pilot. You can't drive, but you can observe all the action from a professional pilot's seat first-hand.

What kind of guests take your tours?

Our like-minded guests come from all around the world. Our tours appeals to people from all walks of life who are seeking unique travel experiences.

Are children allowed?

Yes. Children are allowed and welcome.

Can I take older guests?

Yes indeed! We have no age restriction.

What staff accompanies me on the tour?

We always fly with one pilot but can always add two pilots if your needs require this.

What can I expect to see?

Unlimited beauty.

Are all tours done in groups?

No. We can arrange private flights as well as group tours and shuttle service.

Can I take lessons?

Yes. Our pilots are fully certified with CFII, and you can sign up for lessons.
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